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Nedap Retail - EuroCIS 2016 Düsseldorf - We work around the globe to deliver industry-leading products, services and solutions for our customers diverse needs in loss prevention and stock management. We make your stores more sustainable, a safer place and more profitable. We enable our clients to improve the performance of every store they operate. We can do this because we understand the challenges retailers face, and have developed the most advanced retail technology to overcome them. Our systems are helping global retailers to eradicate lost sales, and giving them the real-time information they need. Everything we do is driven by our passion to help retailers to perform better. We are committed to increasing your revenue by helping you to: Permanently reduce shrinkage in your stores, Optimize your stock levels, Increase your conversion rate and Simplify your (multi-store) retail management. !D Cloud - Cloud-based RFID solution: Do you want to simply benefit from using RFID without complex software integration? With the !D Cloud solution, you can immediately benefit from using RFID in your stores and easily improve your stock accuracy to over 98%. The cloud-based RFID software solution enables you to always have the right merchandise available on the sales floor and uplift sales. !Sense Intelligent article surveillance - Are you familiar with the advantages of intelligent article surveillance? With !Sense, you can embed your article surveillance antennas in your in-store security network, optimize your processes and permanently lower your shrinkage levels. And you are also prepared for the future, because the !Sense RF antennas are plug-and-play RFID-ready. More Informations This Video also here oder oder hier

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