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Schlenker Spannwerkzeuge Inge und Josef Meißner GmbH und Co.KG - In der Lache 20
D - 78056 Villingen-Schwenningen - Schlenker – quality and efficiency out of one hand. We manufacture all better ourselves. Our complete production in-house, with experienced specialists guarantees the highest quality.Therefore we temper, grind and erode ourselves. Schlenker. We don’t leave anything to chance. Decades of experience in development and construction, specialized knowledge and short communication channels are the basis for quick order processing, a perfect planning and for an extraordinary flexible production. Each of our products is Made in Germany. All is manufactured at the German location. This is our philosophy. This is Schlenker Spannwerkzeuge. Your clamping device manufacturing partner for your sliding headstock lathes, fixed headstock lathes and loading magazines. Productivity and efficiency are achieved due to our highly motivated employees. Most of them were trained in our company. We emphasize a thorough and comprehensive training and a pleasant working environment. Proof for that is the high number of years that many employees have been with us. Flat organizational structures and short operating routes ensure effective production as well as an environment in which one can work very well. Schlenker - quality and efficiency combined. More information http://www.schlenker-spannwerkzeuge.de/

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